Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lititz Craft show

Saturday was the Lititz craft show - it was a bit nervewracking in the morning with the rain. It rained during set up and again one more time during the show. It got super hot & humid later in the day but we survived!! Here are some pictures of my booth.

Super cute litle needle felted dolls my sister made!
Some dolls, I was selling the vintage baby carriage too - no takers yet!

Americana section:

A view from outside my booth:
Christmas items after we took the sides down and set up on both sides of the shutter:

Halloween dolls:

This is "after" :) About 2pm, lots and lots of empty spots!

My black Halloween Ornie tree (LOVE the sideview of Wilbur's from inside my tent)

Hello cupcake dolls! The sign was something we made on the laser engraver - they are also for sale!
Cedara's Dollies:

More dollies:

More dollies:

Another outside view - red rocking chair is for sale too!

Dolls, dolls, dolls! We had to squish them into this one shutter because of the rain - usually I set them up on both sides and you can see better but I had the sides of the tent up and this was how it went. No one seemed to mind ;)

This is "after" - at about 2pm, after filling up the shutter about 4 times!

Fixins and Ornie tree:

Lots and lots of mice!

Christmas items:

Fall/Thanksgiving dolls:

I used alot of my own original designs and also some from other fantastic artists out there! I will be listing new items on my website starting on Sunday night. Details will be posted then, but if you have any questions just email me.

THANK you to my helpers and my customers for a great show on Saturday!! I am truly blessed.

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