Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lititz, PA Craft show 2009

If anyone is in the area next Saturday, this is such a great craft show! it's my 4th year as a vendor and my good pal Megan is coming up from NC to do it too. My sister is coming down from NY to stay with me and help with the show - it's a great weekend all around :)

The show is put on by the Lititz Rotary Club, here's a link to their site with some info on parking/directions/etc.

OH and yes I am on Main St. still, my usual spot. Megan is next to me and I have some more prim friends along the way.
Oh yeah those are some dollies up there that are new. Just a few. I've got LOTS and lots and LOTS of dolls; NEW stuff too. I'll have doll hair, patterns, and a couple kits too.
So mark your calendars, Aug 8th :) I hope to see some of you again!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 new patterns and new dolls too!

Just a post to let you know that I have 4 new patterns out! 3 are for the fall and one is a dolly. This one, Black Hat Society Reject was an inspiration from some of my own 'rejects' ! I had been making different pumpkins for another project for my Lititz show and I kept messing them up. So one night I was in the 'zone' and thinking what can I do with my rejects? Heehee. I had the idea! My friend Ree made the tag for me, how fun!
Witch Dress with Mouse:
Glinda the Good witch: (i'm also selling those pink brooms too!)
Lulu And her Lollipop: I've also added LOTS of new and funky doll hair to my website and at the online craft show. I'm participating in the Christmas in July show, here's my booth:
You'll see some new faces there :) And free shipping within the US on orders $25 or more.

I've got more patterns planned but they will have to wait until after Aug. 9th when I get back from Lititz and catch my breath a bit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little Em's Divine Hats

My friend Melanie just started a super sweet website Little Em's Divine Hats. She named it after her sweet little girl. If you are looking for cute little gifts for a girl, go check her out:

has it really been 2 weeks since I blogged?

YIKES it has.

Okay I really had the best of intentions. But we had a huge family picnic/party and whewwwww. I am still recovering - it takes alot out of me now to clean and prep and then clean up all over again. I finally finished cleaning today! Really!

Do you ever feel like the summer just whizzes right by you? I sure do! i spend most of the winter wishing for spring and then the weather turns warmer and bam... it's almost gone before you realize it.

Most of my moments are spent either sewing like a mad-woman (Lititz is HOW MANY WEEKS AWAY???!) or chasing my little one. yes that is what I see most of the day, the back of her - no, don't eat the cat food; stop pulling the cat's tail (she's a really good cat, thank goodness); heehee. We do have lots of fun tho!

My goal for this week is to relax and enjoy the MOMENT. We've had some moements. But to sit and actually watch them happen? SO PRECIOUS! Here are some I've had just in the last 2 days.
Soaking in our little pool tonight at sunset. there was such calm and peace in the whole neighborhood.

Enjoying the beautiful weather we've had! It feels awesome!

Sitting with Gabrielle in the grass at a friend's house tonight for a picnic... watching her eat the grass (ugh) but soooo loving herself for doing it; she was so proud of it.

Watching my kitty catch a bug in the house, it's so cute how she does it!

Having lunch with a long time friend and her children; her eldest son was the first baby I ever held - at one day old! I soooooooo fell in love with him that day and to see him at 9 yrs old, a little man was precious.

Having a conversation with an old friend :) so rare!

Now we have gramma & grampa coming tomorrow... so many moments ready to happen. What will your moments be this week? Don't let time fly by! Enjoy the little things!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy first Birthday to my baby! And to my husband too!

What a great morning - I am awake and excited today. I have been thinking of my baby turning ONE today all week (well okay maybe for 2 weeks? ). Today is my husband's birthday too- I really LOVE that my 2 favorite people share this birthday!

I have been so sentimental, reliving the day and experience of her arrival into the world; coming home with her - check this picture out! This is her 'coming home' outfit that we dressed her in the day we brought her home from the hospital:

Such tiny little hands and feet and little tiny button nose!! Oh here I go again!!!! I thought it would be fun to relive each month of her life just a little :) I am so amazed mostly at this MIRACLE of life - the changes that happened over the last year! The things she can do. Yes this is how sentimental I've been ALL week!

And now here we are in July 2009 and she is one year old. I am really amazed at life today, how things happen and how much she has grown. Life is good :)

Happy Birthday Gabrielle! And Mike too!

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