Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Pattern release - Mouse for all Seasons

I just finished up a pattern that has been in the works for quite a while!! I've named it A Mouse for All Seasons. It's a pocket pattern - everything is made from wool or woolfelt. I've been working more with this fabric and just love the results. The mice are really nicely finished in the grey woolfelt - I'll be making more of those definitely!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Peek a boo

The other morning i was making my coffee and getting the cat fed and getting juice, etc. ready. I was definitely still half asleep too :)

I looked up from the kitchen sink and about jumped out of my skin when I saw a pair of eyes looking back at me! I have no idea who's cat this is but he jumped up on our grill outside and was peering in to see what I was up to.

Sure is a beautiful cat! hope the owner finds him/her.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Upcoming Spring Craft Show

I am still around, just working on a craft show and I wanted to blog on it in case anyone is close by and would like to attend.

Sat. March 13th 9am - 4pm at Northampton Community College (sparta gym but you will see signs for it). I am not sure of my spot yet I should get my notification soon.

My table will be $15 and under! Yep I am challenging myself to create smaller items, some very different things too. I'll have some small dolls but some brand new things too! I'll post some pictures soon to show you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's weekend!

Wow we have had so much going on here! My poor daughter caught some stomach thing and has been sick all week. I keep trying to do a little sewing here and there but I am so tired with being up at night with her too. SOON i should have some new fun things to show off.

Checkout our snowstorm pictures from Weds! We got about 18" up here and that was on top of 6" from Saturday; EEK they are talking about another storm coming thru Monday night. Wow! Parts of PA and NJ have close to 4 FEET of snow right now, can you imagine?

This is the view from our deck - now, at this point it was still snowing and we got an additional 6 inches AFTER this!
That would be my car. By the time I went out to get it, the snow was covering my tires and doors!!!
Our neighbor's barn - still snowing!

Looked so pretty as it was happening but I hope we don't get anymore like that.
I hope you all enjoy a love-filled Valentine's day weekend!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Working on a few new things

It's been way to long since I blogged! I have been busy working on new things for a local craft show I am doing next month. If you are in the area, it's on March 13th at Northampton Community College; it's $2 to get in but the funds are used for the Alumni Association. Doors open at 9am and I will have a table with everything $15 and under.

I decided to work on smaller items, printables and gifts and also primitives (what a combination? I hope it'll come together as I picture in my mind :) - more on the lower end of price range. I've noticed that those are the things that are selling for me right now.

I'm also in process of 2 new patterns and PAGES of ideas! haha! Can't wait to share with you all.

We had a snowstorm Friday/Sat. and it was nice altho we only got 4" of snow. Our daughter, Kimberly, got 2 feet down in VA! That's the 2nd time this year too :)

I'll be back soon - happy Sunday!
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