Monday, October 31, 2011

Craft show pictures

Here's a picture of my booth - i have so much stuff?! I think next year I will just buy 2 tables. I want to thank all of my customers who came out on Saturday - what a messy day it ended up being!!! I left at 6:45am and it was just raining.
Snuck away from my booth and peeked out the door at 11am to this:

At 1pm, the lights started flickering (LOTS of power outages still today!); and the director came by and said it was OK to pack up so we all did. And thank goodness for the kindness of a stranger - he helped me get alot of my stuff out through the slushy, snowy, wet parking lot and into my car. I was soaked and cold by the time I got in! And prayed the whole way home because the roads were a mess. Lots of tree branches down, the roads were very slippery.

By the time I got there at about 3pm, it looked like this out our back door:

A Few hours later, this was the view out the front. My daughter's swing was touching the ground within an hour of this picture! We lost at least one tree on our property, just split right in half from the weight of the snow. Yesterday morning, i saw red leaves floating by on top of the snow, what a weird sight :)

Anyway, so this week I will be adding some new things to my website. Here's a peek of 2 bigger things that will be listed by Friday:

Psssst - I did add a bunch of dolls yesterday, go peek if you want to grab them now!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Craft show today

I guess it would have been helpful to post this a few days ago??
Today is the annual Holiday craft show at Northampton Community College, 9-3 in the Sparta Gym. I am against the far right wall, same spot as the Spring show if you came. I set up mostly last night but am heading in shortly to finish a few things, get pictures and go do a little shopping. I never get to browse so I'm hoping to do that this morning :)

OH and if you are coming, be sure to bring your snow brush as it seems we are getting a big storm today! I'll take pictures :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back from Letchworth Show

What a great weekend!! I can't say how LUCKY we were with the most beautiful, picture-perfect weather this weekend. The leaves in the park seemed to change colors before our eyes, and the customers were out to shop and have fun. I had good sales, I am still smiling from all the nice comments on my work.

I didn't even finish setting up Saturday morning when I was mobbed with a big crowd (yay!), so I never got good pictures of my booth - I think I have one or two on my phone but not sure how they came out. I will check later and post if I have some.

I wanted to share info on some of the other vendors that were inside the building with me - we are a very interesting group, I saw most of them last year (which was my first year). We are all different as far as what we sell but a nice group of artists to share space with for 3 days!

One guy is an author - Mark Holdren: He writes about his adventures in nature (something my dad writes about too) so I enjoyed talking with him.
My neighbors are awesome; they are just so nice - we have alot in common and I have enjoyed their company 2 yrs. now. I am looking into doing some more shows they do in NY - check out this website: Sandie really has a niche market and she is an excellent example of how to market your business.

There is another interesting author who writes about Ghosts; you walk into the building and he has a big sign "Got Ghosts?" he draws a huge crowd -we get to hear very intersting stories all weekend.

This artist won for his category - congrats! He had some neat pottery, one thing called a yarn keeper for when you knit/crochet.

These folks have been doing the show a long time: DePonceau's Aluminum trays and House of Leather.

Well, Gabrielle & I got home late yesterday afternoon - she helped me unload a little bit. Now I have about 14 orders to fill between the show & website. And 4 more craft shows left this season. I will be starting work tomorrow - if you are waiting for me, I promise to work quickly but send lots of love with my dollies :)

THANK you to all of you who visited me. I am still smiling :)
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