Friday, March 21, 2008

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake fans?

Heehee, I'm such a kid at heart! My sister & I began re-collecting some of these dolls and things that we had as kids. The new SSC dolls have been out and I don't know but I just don't like them the way I do the old ones. So we started re-collecting again :) It started with my sister finding this HOUSE (that we did not have as kids) at a yard sale for only $5! Then we both started finding things on eBay to fill the house, lol.

So I decided one day (a non-craft I don't feel like working day) to set up the house and make it all pretty. Here's the 'front' of the house where theres a little mailbox and even a porch swing. See Strawberry Shortcake getting the mail? I love her striped tights and little shoes.

I set up the dollies inside the little rooms. They are all doing different things... let's see how many we can identify! This is my newest CONTEST to win a doll making prize package.

I'm going to show close ups of each of the rooms. Email me with the names of each of the dolls you see in each room - like Strawberry Shortcake at the mailbox. Hint: you can look for pictures of each of them on google if you aren't sure of the names.

Attic: (4 dolls and one pet)

Outside balcony: (2 dolls)
Bathroom (eek close the curtain!) - 1 doll (um nekkey) Heehee, strawberry shaped potty!

Bedroom (2 dolls) look closely!
Living Room (3 dolls, 2 pets):
Kitchen: (2 dolls, 1 pet)

Bonus Questions!!!
1. What does this special 'snail ride' become after the dolls get to their destination? (hint: what's inside the big strawberry?)

2. What's the name of this transportation? 3. Who's the tall guy with the bird on his arm? OKAY Offical contest information.... Just email me ( your answers no later than April 15th (midnight). All the correct answers will be posted here shortly after the winner is announced. You must get the answers right to be entered; for each bonus question you get right, you get another entry! I will draw ONE lucky winner to win this ultimate doll makers kit:

This is a $200 value prize! You get tea stained muslin, several half yard cuts of different homespuns I carry on my website, some fun and shabby fat quarter fabrics, Vintage Doll Spray (exclusive by Homespun from the Heart), several trims and notions, turning tool set, Mark B Gone pen, vintage blue tinsel, vintage toys for your dolls and your choice of any 3 patterns PLUS the doll making guide for beginners with Candy Cane Ann Pattern on CD. And the winner gets this prize shipped to their home!

GOOD luck to everyone!

Sewing Room Make-Over is DONE

I am finally ready to share my sewing room makeover. I wrote a whole article in Beneath the Willow Tree - I hope you will check this issue out:
My article shows before (eeeeeeeK!) and after pictures. I really love my new space, I can't say that enough - just reorganizing and rethinking how to use my room made a huge difference. And I only spent $182 in total - with curtains, shelves, some antiques, and organization things. I used alot of things I already had lying around the garage/house.

Well our issue theme was "Green" - recycling and reusing especially. Checkout the neat article on fabrics; and gardening :) And if you are like me and cringe thinking, OH I am not doing enough - read Heartspun Thoughts - I'm Greener than I thought I was. There's lots of great freebees too!

My stepdaughter has been here for SPring break this week; we've had lots to do - been cleaning out her old room for the nursery and getting her new room situated. We spent the day shopping yesterday and today have a lot of errands to do. It's gone by real quickly!

I hope to have a few new faces on my website next week :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yard sale at PrimMart

Well I meant to come and post about this for the last week but whew! I was so busy with the sale I forgot to :) I have a booth in Prim Mart's online yard sale - I have lots and lots left too. I'm going to mark some things down this morning and hoping to get rid of it all. My stepmom brought me some of her fabric - vintage calico's from the 1970's. All in great condition, wonderful calico prints for your sewing projects. We're selling them real cheap too, just a few $$ for each piece.

I'd love to have you check it out!! Also, if you purchase anything at the yard sale, you get a 25% discount on my site for patterns, fabric, and supplies (only those items).
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