Friday, March 21, 2008

Sewing Room Make-Over is DONE

I am finally ready to share my sewing room makeover. I wrote a whole article in Beneath the Willow Tree - I hope you will check this issue out:
My article shows before (eeeeeeeK!) and after pictures. I really love my new space, I can't say that enough - just reorganizing and rethinking how to use my room made a huge difference. And I only spent $182 in total - with curtains, shelves, some antiques, and organization things. I used alot of things I already had lying around the garage/house.

Well our issue theme was "Green" - recycling and reusing especially. Checkout the neat article on fabrics; and gardening :) And if you are like me and cringe thinking, OH I am not doing enough - read Heartspun Thoughts - I'm Greener than I thought I was. There's lots of great freebees too!

My stepdaughter has been here for SPring break this week; we've had lots to do - been cleaning out her old room for the nursery and getting her new room situated. We spent the day shopping yesterday and today have a lot of errands to do. It's gone by real quickly!

I hope to have a few new faces on my website next week :)

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