Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lititz Craft show

Saturday was the Lititz craft show - it was a bit nervewracking in the morning with the rain. It rained during set up and again one more time during the show. It got super hot & humid later in the day but we survived!! Here are some pictures of my booth.

Super cute litle needle felted dolls my sister made!
Some dolls, I was selling the vintage baby carriage too - no takers yet!

Americana section:

A view from outside my booth:
Christmas items after we took the sides down and set up on both sides of the shutter:

Halloween dolls:

This is "after" :) About 2pm, lots and lots of empty spots!

My black Halloween Ornie tree (LOVE the sideview of Wilbur's from inside my tent)

Hello cupcake dolls! The sign was something we made on the laser engraver - they are also for sale!
Cedara's Dollies:

More dollies:

More dollies:

Another outside view - red rocking chair is for sale too!

Dolls, dolls, dolls! We had to squish them into this one shutter because of the rain - usually I set them up on both sides and you can see better but I had the sides of the tent up and this was how it went. No one seemed to mind ;)

This is "after" - at about 2pm, after filling up the shutter about 4 times!

Fixins and Ornie tree:

Lots and lots of mice!

Christmas items:

Fall/Thanksgiving dolls:

I used alot of my own original designs and also some from other fantastic artists out there! I will be listing new items on my website starting on Sunday night. Details will be posted then, but if you have any questions just email me.

THANK you to my helpers and my customers for a great show on Saturday!! I am truly blessed.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer time Sale

I am running an epattern sale - buy 2, get 1 free (of equal or lesser value). There's no limit, so if you buy 4, get 2 free, etc. To redeem: ONLY add the first two to your shopping cart, then comment on which one you'd like free. Go through checkout and I will email you all 3 patterns. If you have any questions let me know! This offer expires on Monday 6/25 at midnight. If you are purchasing by instant download, just email me separately which one you'd like free.

Just in case you are wondering where I've been... well it's only 8 weeks left until the Lititz craft show and let's just say.... I'm really BEHIND! haha! So if you are looking for me, my head may be in a big box of stuffing. Or at the sewing machine :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Pattern release - Harvest Time Blessings

It's here, one pattern I've had in my head for almost a year and now been working to get into a pattern for almost a month! Alot of work, lots of details I hope you will love it as much as I do :)

Details are on my website and you can download it right here from patternmart - on the left side!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Some updates and changes to my Etsy

If you've ever visited my Etsy shop, you may have noticed it was called the Cupcake Dolls on Etsy; well that's because I thought I'd really sell those dolls specifically on Etsy.  But, it just wasn't working out that way as I have so many other things like patterns, doll hair, and many other types of handmades.  After a couple of years of not having great sales, a good friend helped me think it through a bit and I changed my shop!  It's now called Cindyshomespun (Homespun from the Heart is taken :( but that's another story!) - you can find me here:

I am learning just so much about Etsy now too! Thank goodness for my very good friend Ree who is helping me understand circles, tagging and so much more :) Since I am talking about her, please go visit her shop too!  She is selling some awesome vintage finds, most of her stuff is one-of--kind so if you see it and want it, GRAB it fast.  I love going with her to a flea market, she has a great eye for stuff.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where have I been??

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted! I have photo's of great finds from a rummage sale, my thrifting in Hilton Head, new pattern (and several more coming!) but I just haven't had time to post here at all.  I've been really busy with orders - wholesale mostly! This is one area of my business I wanted to develop a bit more this year and I sure got what I wished for :)

I am also getting ready for Lititz again, I hired 2 helpers to get me through some of these orders and preparation for Lititz.  It's my biggest craft show of the year and I am really looking forward to showing off some brand new dolls and other primitives this year!!

I will be back shortly with a really fun new pattern announcement!  OH and this month, Homespun from the Heart celebrated our 8th year in business (online). So exciting!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Planning for Fall/Halloween already!

Yes it's March and I'm talking Halloween :) I am already planning some new ideas for the fall, I wanted to post and ask my readers for feedback. Is there anything you'd like to see "new" for Halloween? Any old favorites for repeats? What kinds of things get your attention?

I'm making a list, new patterns, some oldies-but-goodies, and of course new ideas! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Craft show Sat. Northampton Community College

I'm home from vacation! And going right back to the 'swing' of things :) I'll be at my only Spring craft show on Sat. March10th 9am-3pm at Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA. You can look for directions here:

Hope to see some of you there!!

I'll post pic's soon of my fun thrifty finds :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Vacation Notice and Craft show reminder

Just a real quick post - I am leaving for vacation on Monday - oh I am so looking forward to it. My daughter & I are driving to Hilton Head, SC to see my parents for a little more than a week. I will be resting, sleeping well, exercising, and my favorite thing - THRIFTING! there are alot of thrift shops so I may post some of my finds over the week.

Anyway, if you are looking for me, that's where I am - away. Resting! I will probably check emails a few times, but i will not process any orders until I get home on March 8th. If you want an epattern, please go to patternmart to get instant downloads. All other epatterns will be sent when I get home.

I did add a few new dolls, most will be one of a kind's since Easter is sneaking up on us April 8th! If you want to order anything, please do - it will take it out of inventory & I'll mail it when I return from vacation.

Also on March 10th, I'll be at Northampton Community College's annual spring craft show - details are on my website under Craft Shows. I hope to see some of you there!

Monday, February 20, 2012

More faces added

Been super busy getting an order out for a store, but it's all finished so I've been listing alot of spring items on my website. Here are some things just listed this morning:

A little St. Patrick's Tree topper:
And Easter one too :)
Ready to display - a chocolate bunny set with prim grass:

Grungy bunnies - 3 of them on my site and one going on Etsy!

There's lots more too, peeps, chicks, egg sets, candy canes - who is getting ready for spring?? I am :)

Just a reminder I am leaving for vacation on Sunday - I'm going to try to leave all work here. We'll see how that goes!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pattern Sale Ends Sunday

Quick, the sale is about to end! I did release both of my new Spring patterns & one fall pattern - everything is listed on my website.

I have been working on a big order and getting ready for my spring craft show, I'll post more on that soon. Have a wonderful crafty-weekend!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pattern SALE!

It's February, we've had a very mild winter - hardly any snow, but I know what that means especially when good ole Phil ran back to his hole. So I am having a stock up and save sale on patterns :) Oh, I just feel like having a sale, who am I kidding? Everyone loves a good sale!

OK so I am offering buy 2, get 1 free on all E-Patterns - these are for my e-patterns only (excludes Stitchin Fools, Save our Hooters and Instant Printables). How to redeem:

*Shop here:

*Add first 2 to your shopping cart, pay for only 2! Add free 'choice' in comments box or email me. I will send you all 3!

*If you want to buy them on PatternMart as instant downloads, just buy 2 and email me the 'free' choice - I'll email that one to you as soon as I see the email.

For every 2 you buy, you get one free - no limits! Just remember to only add 2 (or 4 or 6, etc.) to your shopping cart and let me know the free ones you'd like.

Pretty easy! I am working on 2 new spring patterns, hopefully they will be ready soon. So I'll make the sale last for 2 weeks to give myself time to finish them to be included in the sale. So that means offer ends Sunday Feb. 19th. Go stock up and save!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working again

Between the shows ending, deadlines for orders and then trying to get ready for our holidays, I feel like the last month flew by! I started working again last week but keep getting sidetracked ;) I have been playing alot of dress up and Toy Story Memory the last 2 weeks - that's been much more fun than sewing.

Yesterday, my daughter asked me to measure her with my tape measure (I was measuring my dolls to list online); so I said "Wow you grew overnight in your sleep!" and she replied "Now that means you can teach me how to sew". I had just told her that she could learn when she was bigger - so, I better figure out a way to get her involved. I love that she wants to learn!

OK so new dolls coming soon - I am taking photo's off the camera now as I type. I have a few more to finish today; new faces help me get my creativity moving again.
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