Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pattern SALE!

It's February, we've had a very mild winter - hardly any snow, but I know what that means especially when good ole Phil ran back to his hole. So I am having a stock up and save sale on patterns :) Oh, I just feel like having a sale, who am I kidding? Everyone loves a good sale!

OK so I am offering buy 2, get 1 free on all E-Patterns - these are for my e-patterns only (excludes Stitchin Fools, Save our Hooters and Instant Printables). How to redeem:

*Shop here:

*Add first 2 to your shopping cart, pay for only 2! Add free 'choice' in comments box or email me. I will send you all 3!

*If you want to buy them on PatternMart as instant downloads, just buy 2 and email me the 'free' choice - I'll email that one to you as soon as I see the email.

For every 2 you buy, you get one free - no limits! Just remember to only add 2 (or 4 or 6, etc.) to your shopping cart and let me know the free ones you'd like.

Pretty easy! I am working on 2 new spring patterns, hopefully they will be ready soon. So I'll make the sale last for 2 weeks to give myself time to finish them to be included in the sale. So that means offer ends Sunday Feb. 19th. Go stock up and save!

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