Sunday, February 17, 2008

So exciting!!!

This week we found out we are having a baby girl :) We are both thrilled - truthfully, boy or girl, we would have been this excited. I think the best part was going through the details in the ultrasound - we saw her little heart, brain, fingers, and toes. I even saw her little tongue moving around! I cried alot during the ultrasound - my hubby was much more fascinated. We got a clean bill of health for the baby and we are just thrilled with that news. Now to start planning a nursery, EEK!

Oh and I got busy working this week and added a bunch of new faces to my website! I have a few more 'in progress' too. I seem to have a thing for "pink" this spring season. Here's a peek at one of my newest dollies, done using a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern:

In fact, I love pink so much I am doing a swap with my pal Robin of we both love pink so this should be a FUN swap!

I am so happy that I'm down to one final project to finish then my sewing room is DONE! I just have to find the exact thing I'm looking for and finish up this neat organizer. I can't wait to show it off.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and maybe a day off tomorrow!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Friday!

Today is the last day for a fun auction I am doing with a group, Primitive Crafters and Designers. I have a couple things up for bidding and there are many more wonderful hand-made creations available too. In case you didn't get to check it out yet, here's a link: Get your bids in quick :)

I just added some more supplies to my website including some doll hair. I hope to add some more in the coming weeks.

I've been busy getting ready for the online yard sale, hosted by PrimMart. Whewy, last year I had a TON of fabric to sell and sold just about all of it. This year, I will have some fabric and other craft supplies too. My stepmom is going through her fabrics too which means there could very well be another ton for sale this year. Heehee!

My hubby finally got home after being away for a week and a half; poor guy took a red-eye out of Vegas (not feeling so sorry for him now, are we? Vegas!) and then was delayed in Chicago. He got home yesterday after a long day and was exhausted. I'm letting him sleep in, even tho I was wide awake and ready for his help on a few projects at 6am. haha!

Well we are very excited to go to the dr's on Tuesday to find out if our baby is a boy or girl. We are both wanting to know - mostly I can't wait to see our little one again moving around on the ultrasound. That was the most emotional thing I've been through this whole pregnancy. I loved it!

Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Blues

Does anyone else suffer from Sunday blues? I wonder if I get them from all my years of working for someone else and dreading that Monday morning alaram clock/rush? Knowing the weekend was almost over or something! It's kinda funny since I've been working for myself for just about 3 years now. Maybe because it's so quiet around here today!

My sewing room is almost ready, I just need some shelving to go up I hope next weekend. If anyone out there is working on their craft space make-over, please share pictures with me! I will be putting them in the next BTWT and you get free advertising for sharing. I will put a few sneak-peek pics in here too.

I finally got to list a couple new Valentine's things on my website on Friday. I have one more dolly to sneak in, she'll be listed tomorrow just as soon as I get her to pose for a picture :) I'm also making her into a new pattern.

Isn't my blog topper ADORABLE? Thank you to my good friend, Cedara who made it for me: That's her blog. She's in Canada and makes some kewl dollies.

I'm working on a new mini-website, an EZ Shoppe (, that I hope to have ready to release later this week. I don't even want to spoil the suprise of what it will be! heehee!
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