Sunday, February 17, 2008

So exciting!!!

This week we found out we are having a baby girl :) We are both thrilled - truthfully, boy or girl, we would have been this excited. I think the best part was going through the details in the ultrasound - we saw her little heart, brain, fingers, and toes. I even saw her little tongue moving around! I cried alot during the ultrasound - my hubby was much more fascinated. We got a clean bill of health for the baby and we are just thrilled with that news. Now to start planning a nursery, EEK!

Oh and I got busy working this week and added a bunch of new faces to my website! I have a few more 'in progress' too. I seem to have a thing for "pink" this spring season. Here's a peek at one of my newest dollies, done using a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern:

In fact, I love pink so much I am doing a swap with my pal Robin of we both love pink so this should be a FUN swap!

I am so happy that I'm down to one final project to finish then my sewing room is DONE! I just have to find the exact thing I'm looking for and finish up this neat organizer. I can't wait to show it off.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and maybe a day off tomorrow!

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Katy said...

Congratulations!!! I have a girl and two boys and they are both a ton of fun..but girls are definitely a TON of fun to dress up!!!!

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