Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Blues

Does anyone else suffer from Sunday blues? I wonder if I get them from all my years of working for someone else and dreading that Monday morning alaram clock/rush? Knowing the weekend was almost over or something! It's kinda funny since I've been working for myself for just about 3 years now. Maybe because it's so quiet around here today!

My sewing room is almost ready, I just need some shelving to go up I hope next weekend. If anyone out there is working on their craft space make-over, please share pictures with me! I will be putting them in the next BTWT and you get free advertising for sharing. I will put a few sneak-peek pics in here too.

I finally got to list a couple new Valentine's things on my website on Friday. I have one more dolly to sneak in, she'll be listed tomorrow just as soon as I get her to pose for a picture :) I'm also making her into a new pattern.

Isn't my blog topper ADORABLE? Thank you to my good friend, Cedara who made it for me: That's her blog. She's in Canada and makes some kewl dollies.

I'm working on a new mini-website, an EZ Shoppe (, that I hope to have ready to release later this week. I don't even want to spoil the suprise of what it will be! heehee!

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Mel Seigfried said...

your blog topper is ADORABLE!

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