Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Working again

Between the shows ending, deadlines for orders and then trying to get ready for our holidays, I feel like the last month flew by! I started working again last week but keep getting sidetracked ;) I have been playing alot of dress up and Toy Story Memory the last 2 weeks - that's been much more fun than sewing.

Yesterday, my daughter asked me to measure her with my tape measure (I was measuring my dolls to list online); so I said "Wow you grew overnight in your sleep!" and she replied "Now that means you can teach me how to sew". I had just told her that she could learn when she was bigger - so, I better figure out a way to get her involved. I love that she wants to learn!

OK so new dolls coming soon - I am taking photo's off the camera now as I type. I have a few more to finish today; new faces help me get my creativity moving again.
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