Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sewing Room make-Over

Well after writing an article for January's BTWT on organizing your craft room, I got so inspired to work on my own space. If you are looking for ideas for a make-over and organization tips, it's worth checking out! I got so many ideas from the very organized ladies who kindly let us use their pictures and tips.

I have been working slow because of not feeling so great. And my hubby's going to help me after he gets home from his trip for work. I need some shelves put up still :) Good thing he's so handy and has so many great ideas! I have a smaller sized room so I really want to make the most of my space in there.

OH the other thing I couldn't wait to talk about - my friend Sherry, & I did our Valentine's Swap. WOW I got soooo many wonderful things from her. This is one big picture but what I want to do is show off the goodies when I get them displayed in the house. I have some special plans for some of these wonderful presents. Look how SWEET that dolly is - it's my first SHERRY dolly, whoo hoo! AND wow I'm adding pink & white and green to my sewing room makeover so everything fits in just perfectly. Thank you Sherry, I love ya my pal! You're a great Valentine! XOXOXO!

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