Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back from Letchworth Show

What a great weekend!! I can't say how LUCKY we were with the most beautiful, picture-perfect weather this weekend. The leaves in the park seemed to change colors before our eyes, and the customers were out to shop and have fun. I had good sales, I am still smiling from all the nice comments on my work.

I didn't even finish setting up Saturday morning when I was mobbed with a big crowd (yay!), so I never got good pictures of my booth - I think I have one or two on my phone but not sure how they came out. I will check later and post if I have some.

I wanted to share info on some of the other vendors that were inside the building with me - we are a very interesting group, I saw most of them last year (which was my first year). We are all different as far as what we sell but a nice group of artists to share space with for 3 days!

One guy is an author - Mark Holdren: He writes about his adventures in nature (something my dad writes about too) so I enjoyed talking with him.
My neighbors are awesome; they are just so nice - we have alot in common and I have enjoyed their company 2 yrs. now. I am looking into doing some more shows they do in NY - check out this website: Sandie really has a niche market and she is an excellent example of how to market your business.

There is another interesting author who writes about Ghosts; you walk into the building and he has a big sign "Got Ghosts?" he draws a huge crowd -we get to hear very intersting stories all weekend.

This artist won for his category - congrats! He had some neat pottery, one thing called a yarn keeper for when you knit/crochet.

These folks have been doing the show a long time: DePonceau's Aluminum trays and House of Leather.

Well, Gabrielle & I got home late yesterday afternoon - she helped me unload a little bit. Now I have about 14 orders to fill between the show & website. And 4 more craft shows left this season. I will be starting work tomorrow - if you are waiting for me, I promise to work quickly but send lots of love with my dollies :)

THANK you to all of you who visited me. I am still smiling :)

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