Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's weekend!

Wow we have had so much going on here! My poor daughter caught some stomach thing and has been sick all week. I keep trying to do a little sewing here and there but I am so tired with being up at night with her too. SOON i should have some new fun things to show off.

Checkout our snowstorm pictures from Weds! We got about 18" up here and that was on top of 6" from Saturday; EEK they are talking about another storm coming thru Monday night. Wow! Parts of PA and NJ have close to 4 FEET of snow right now, can you imagine?

This is the view from our deck - now, at this point it was still snowing and we got an additional 6 inches AFTER this!
That would be my car. By the time I went out to get it, the snow was covering my tires and doors!!!
Our neighbor's barn - still snowing!

Looked so pretty as it was happening but I hope we don't get anymore like that.
I hope you all enjoy a love-filled Valentine's day weekend!

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