Friday, December 5, 2008

Um yes it's DECEMBER :)

I can't believe it's this long since I've posted here. I started a family blog and that's kept me busy - but I still want to keep up with this one too :) OopS!

This week I started a 'cyber shopping week' special - free shipping within the U.S.! And a special pattern sale - you can check them all out here:

I've been adding new holiday dolls and goodies, I have so much in my head - just not enough time in the day. *sigh*

I'm working on a NEW line of dolls, I can't wait to get that design out of my head for you to see! It'll be coming very soon, I will wait to suprise you with the details.

We are doing great personally - Gabrielle is already 5 months old! She's such a cutie, a really great baby - I am so blessed. We went to Harrisburg this week to meet up with some friends and go to the PA CHristmas show. Here's a 'before' picture of her:

It took us 4 hours to get home due to an accident on route 78, ack! So the 'before' picture is as cute as it gets. haha!

Life is good - how'd I get so darn lucky???

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season this year!

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