Thursday, August 13, 2009

Post-Lititz Report

I'm back and i'm still pooped :) We had a great show, the weather was perfect - they were scaring us all week with saying it was going to rain or thunderstorm but we did our rain dance and it held off. It was a beautiful day!

I have pictures of my booth and some other things but I will have to post those later. I can't find the USB cable for hubby's camera he lent me and he's traveling. Hopefully tomorrow? I'll talk to him tonight and get to work on that.

THANK YOU my wonderful customers, I am still giddy and smiling from YOUR praise, compliments and just chatting with you all. You really may not realize this but you keep me going!!! I spent months prepping and wondering, Will anyone really like this??? That day was full of compliments for my work and you do keep me going.

Okay so to know what happens post-Lititz... understand what does NOT happen pre-Lititz first :) I stopped cleaning a good month before the show. Um, what playdates? OH that full in-box of personal emails to reply to?? So that's what my goal is this week. Play catchup!

And I've been busy listing new dolls - I'll save that for a new post.

I wanted to drop by and give a little report. I'll be back with pictures from the show :)

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