Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My new dolls

Last week I was 'double dog dared' by my friend Tracy, aka Cedara, of to create 2 new dolls or something by Monday. I have been in such a creative 'slump' or funk or whatever you want to call it. They come and go and usually I can snap myself out of it but this time has been different.

My husband has been working out of state (in NH); he leaves Sunday and doesn't get back til very late Friday - leaving us a few short hours on Saturday and Sunday together. He is my best friend and my solid 'rock'. And, having a little one and a house, let's just say it's been exhausting and depressing!!! So my creative slump turned into a funk and I have not felt like doing much on the sewing machine.

Tracy double dog dared me :) And here's what I ended up creating:

Winter Wishes angel on a vintage textile bobbin; she was so much fun, I really love how she came out. I am debating on listing her anywhere or just maybe holding on to her for a bit.
This Santa is a Sweet Meadows farm pattern that I've had for 2 years I think; I have been wanting to make one and just never did and so this got me to do it.

Thanks Tracy for being a great friend and co-inspirer (is that a word? made it up!)!

If anyone reading this gets in a slump, ask a friend to do the same thing with you - give yourselves a deadline to create something new and post it on your blog, website, etsy, etc. It worked for me!

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That's what real friends are for! To push us to excellence! I love both of your beautiful dolls! Love your blog, too!

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