Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dollar Sale on patterns

I am having a huge clean-out sale on pre-printed patterns. I had printed them up a while ago for different stores I sell to and for craft shows but I have a ton leftover. Also, since I updated my logo and pattern cover I have leftovers from there too :)

My loss is YOUR gain!! I never sell printed patterns this cheap, it's below cost but I need to make room for new things this year. **I have big plans**

I have one listing for just $1/pattern (on select ones) and then 9 listings of groupings at an even lower cost per printing. You can find them all here:

And I am SO SLOW but yes, I'm working on Valentine's Day stuff, new patterns, new ideas - Hmmm? wonder if that's why I'm slow - need to just do ONE thing at a time.

Who does that anyway? heehee!

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