Sunday, August 29, 2010

Over 100 new products listed!

Wow I have been so busy doing this... I've listed over 100 new items on my website in the last couple of weeks!

Also, I listed several one of a kind items in my Etsy shop,

I decided for a limited time to take orders on items, just give me a couple of weeks to get them made for you but this way if something is sold or you don't get to the website often, you can still purchase a doll you may be wanting.

I am already working on Christmas - for the shop I sell in, In Grandma's Attic and I have 2 more shows coming up so I had to get started! I will be sneaking in some Christmas items on the website in the coming weeks.

Hope you have a great weekend, we are off to a hot sunny start and I am looking forward to a nice hot end to summer :)

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