Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last few days to enter to win!

Just in case you missed it! You can still enter to win - only a few days left tho ;) Read this post to get full details on what I am talking about.

Also I've gotten a few emails asking when I will have new patterns and some more new dolls available. Well.... the best laid plans just never work out right?

Last week, while my husband was traveling (of course!), my daughter got really sick. Then my main computer where I do all my design work, have my software for creating patterns and editing photo's, etc. - the monitor blew. UGH! I haven't been able to figure out what was wrong with it in between taking care of the little one. So he is home now and promises to look at it this week. I do have a pattern in the making, one in my head, and a few Easter items to add. Soon I hope, soon!

I am desparately trying to get myself in the mood for spring, it's awful hard when you wake up to temps of 18* and a HIGH of 34? YUK! I will keep making bunnies and other spring things, hoping one day our weather will change (soon right??).


kavettahulse said...

I hope your little one gets better soon!! Things always seem to go like that. When it rains it pours. Thanks for the update. Anxiously awaiting for new stuff!!

stnyrdge said...

love it...tom is my Mom's Birthday!

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