Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back from our Indy Trip

What a wonderful weekend I had!!! I was blessed to spend a long weekend with 13 other amazing, fun and super sweet women out in Indiana. We are all friends through and planned a Girlfriend's Getaway trip. Here's a picture of the whole gang shopping out in Browne County, we chatted up a store owner and met up with another friend who came in for the day to see all of us. I tell ya, sometimes I wonder how lucky I could be?! These are friends I met on the internet - that sounds so strange to think of meeting friends online; but they are some of my bestest friends I have. We laughed so hard all weekend, we also talked and played Bunco and did so much shopping. Even tho I didn't get enough sleep, I felt so energized because I was with my friends and had some time away.

I also have to say... that I did miss a BUNCH of YOU who couldn't come this year - you know who you are :)

Now these ladies also have the most generous hearts!! Can you believe they suprised me and Amanda with a baby shower? WOW! I was so overwhelmed at their kindness - I had no idea they were planning it either. I received the most beautiful gifts of clothing, lots of essentials we will use and gift certificates too. I am so spoiled, I love you all for thinking of us this weekend!!!

OH and my roomie Val made me a diaper cake! I've never seen one in person and wow, she loaded it with so many things we will use. She also made me a scrapbook album, it is so sweet, I can't wait to fill it up with pictures!

Okay so for those who want a 'belly pic' - well here it is. heehee! I'm now down to 9 weeks left to go til my due date. I can't imagine how big this belly's going to get by then. I am still giggling at many things that happened over the weekend. This sure was a trip to remember!

4 comments: said...

OH! how much fun! I wish i could have been there! but there was just no way I could not be here when Carrie and the kids left. It has been a hard adjustment. HOW FUN! they put on a baby shower for you! OH! how perfect!! what a great idea! OH! i wish i could have been there to hug you BOTH! Ü
Love you!

a primitive journey said...

Wasn't this just the best time, I just blogged about it too. I miss you girls all so much and wish we
didn't have to wait a whole year to
do it again...Love ya Cindy

Mel Seigfried said...

Oh sounds like a super fun time! Your belly looks sooo cute! : ) Mel

a primitive journey said...

You;ve been tagged please visit my blog to see what you need to do next..

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