Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cabin fever plans

We are getting another big storm today and tomorrow in the NorthEast - the funny thing is, when you watch the news pretty much everyone is affected (or was/will be) by this storm. Wow! It is huge and Mother Nature is unleashing it across the U.S. and into Canada!

I thought I'd try to beat some 'cabin fever' by making some new dolls over the next few days. My website is bare, it's embarrassing! I have neglected it - I want new dolls, new patterns, and I may have a new supply or two. I will get to work, I promise!!

Meanwhile, this is how the little one beat cabin fever during one of our last storms - playing with the kitty! That is how both of them stare at me while I work - wanting me to come play with them, which I do too :) Which is probably how nothing new is done! haha!

If you are experiencing this storm, I hope you are safe, warm and with power and loved ones for it!

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