Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Themed tree fun!

I have been meaning to post these pictures since November, but thankfully I was too busy working :) I am always thankful for that!!

In case you didn't know, I sell my work at In Grandma's Attic in Lancaster, PA. Patti, the shop owner, is very talented in setting up beautiful displays. The shop has multiple buildings and she makes the best use out of every nook and cranny. This past season, she set up themed trees - lots of my ornies and tree toppers were used! Along with other crafters handmade items, these are my favorite prim trees around.

Gingerbread tree:
Snowmen tree: (I love the sitting snowman on the chair!)

And, of course my favorite - the Annie tree! Look at all those smiley faces :)

Patti is keeping some of these up all year round so if you are in the area, be sure to stop in and visit!
I sell alot of the ornies, dolls and tree toppers on my website: www.HomespunFromTheHeart.com and if you don't see it listed email me!

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