Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from Lititz

I had a great day at Lititz again this year! I am still smiling from all of the talk and people loving my dolls :) It keeps me going on the days when I am here by myself talking to those dolls, wondering if anyone will like them. Thank you to my customers who visited me!

I am showing a few booth pictures. I never had a moment without a customer inside my booth - starting by about 6:30am. Which is good because.......

We did have some icky weather - around noon, it started sprinkling a little; doesn't sound bad but I use all the tent sides to hang things up so my dolls were exposed and everyone grabbed some and ran for cover! A little water will ruin them. UGH that was stressful! Then, at about 3ish the wind started picking up, we were looking at the dark gloomy sky and I called "DONE" haha. We packed up - I had 4 helpers, so it was in record time. I got the truck (got yelled at too for coming in early) and loaded FAST. We were in our cars when the sky opened up and dumped. I am so grateful I had so much help that we were able to get out before anything was damaged.

This is the awesome banner my friend Joanne made me - she's so talented! I actually got it hung up on time this year, YAY!!!!

This beautiful sign is something my friend Ree made, I had to put it in my booth, show our pride!

Something new this year, I had alot of different "theme" trees; suprisingly I sold Easter stuff! I will be sure to bring some next year too.

This is my Halloween tree, I love it - it's black, hard to see with the picture.

All the Halloween ornies I had for sale!

This little girl will be on my website VERY soon :)

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