Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peaceful Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings! I'm sitting quietly, sipping my coffee while the baby sleeps in her bassinet. It's so quiet - no cars going by this early, hubby is still sleeping too. The sun is just coming up such a firey red - it's going to be a superhot day here but we'll stay inside the AC and relax today.

One of our traditions for Sunday mornings is pancakes. My hubby is such a great cook (all meals!) and he likes to make pancakes after he comes home from church. He makes mine with chocolate chips, then he adds pecans for his. I look forward to sharing this tradition with our lil one when she is older and can eat food :)

Today I have some fun things to work on - I picked out a birth announcement on Etsy; so I'm working on a mailing list to figure out how many we need. Then I want to take some pictures of the baby for it; I have a few little things I want to do too.

I'm starting to feel the craft 'itch' - I miss it! I am glad my website is closed so I can enjoy some time off and rest (I sure do need it still). But I may go in my sewing room one day this week and poke around to work on something. I am looking forward to Lititz - which is only 3 weeks away! I'm so glad I have all my inventory ready for the show. Maybe I'll sneak in a few more things in the next few weeks, we'll see.

Enjoy your Sunday today!

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