Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two weeks old!

Ok I won't do this every week but I had the best intentions to get in here and blog again ... and here it is, another week gone by.

My baby girl is 2 weeks old already - her grandma and grandpa are here visiting and helping me out while my hubby is away for work. It's been wonderful to have them here! the company alone helps me out; but they are doing everything they can to help with the baby, the house, my dad vacuumed the other day!

We dressed her up and put her in the boppy pillow for some pictures - this is my favorite, I can't stop kissing those sweet little cheeks of hers. We also took (well both of us!) out for a walk the other day - I couldn't go too far, my incision still is a little sore. AND how fun - I got to drive the car yesterday too. My stepmom and I went to pick up pizza just a mile away but I wanted to do it since I was 'released' now to drive.

Things are going well with everything else here! Slowly every day I feel better. Having my parents here this week has been just wonderful - they may head home today, I know we will both miss them. Mike comes home tomorrow - whoohoo! we miss daddy!
Thanks for reading and until next time... which will be earlier than a week! Have a wonderful day :)

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Dee said...

Hi Cindy
Firstly i just want to say "CONGRATULATIONS"on the arrival of your gorgeus little girl..... she's adorable....So alert!!!
Enjoy every moment as they grow so quick "babY'is now 17 but only seemded like yesterday she was that small...
Take care n best wishes De from aussieland...xxxxx 4 bub!!!

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