Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflection time today

Wow the last few weeks have just been a mess around here with flooding from 2 storms 2 weeks in a row. I've had to relocate my office/work area upstairs - thankfully we didn't have too much damage the 2nd time; first time was worse but we were able to get the water out fast with a pump. So glad my husband was home to deal with alot of that, it would have been so much worse! I was feeling aggravated/annoyed with the whole thing (clean up is a pain, moving our furniture around, drying out the flooring, etc.).

Then, I saw these pictures today and realized how lucky we were the 2nd storm. If you have time to check these out:
I have to point out the one of the Gander Mtn. store - on my way to upstate NY I usually stop in Johnson City to eat lunch, there's a babies R us and a few great stores there that we go to, breaking up the trip. Binghamton NY is where I was born and I drive right through it to get to my family. And that is where I am heading in 3 weeks for my big show - Mt. Morris, NY.

There are many more photos I have seen on facebook, so much devastation in northeast PA. My heart breaks for those people who have lost their homes, businesses, family, pets, etc. it's REALLY bad in some areas.

I know today is a day of remembering for those who were lost 10 years ago; Believe me, my heart is heavy remembering exactly where I was when I heard the news. I lived in NJ at the time and I will never forget driving through neighborhoods with yellow ribbons around trees up and down the streets of those who were lost that day.

I am also remembering and praying today for those who are dealing with devastation from the recent weather, please join me for a moment today to send prayers and good thoughts to those dealing with this mess.

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