Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just a quick personal note

Whew what a busy summer! I wanted to share a couple of fun personal photo's from our summer. I needed a work-break today :)

My baby girl turned TWO earlier this month, I can hardly believe it?! We had a birthday party for her and she was just so adorable all dressed up! Her dress was a gift from her Aunt Kathy and my friend Melanie of made the hair bows to match. SO cute.

My favorite photo from the day... as all the kids were opening up her presents, she got her bug magnifying glass and was peeking at me saying "HiiiiYO Mommy" haha!

Her and Aunt Kathy eating YUMMY cake:
We went to VA to visit my good friend Megan & her 3 kids. It was a fun couple of days but my daughter kept the other kids up by chattering til 10pm - she's used to sleeping alone I guess!

We visited our cousins in VA too. I went to the biggest Wegman's ever :)

AND we got visits from Gramma and Grampa and Aunt Diana; and our usual huge 4th of July party brought lots of family over for a fun day ending with fireworks. We had friends from VA here too, celebrated Hubby, Gabrielle and RIck's birthdays out at Shula's restaurant.

So we've been enjoying our days quite a bit. And to spend a rainy day inside, with red Tutu and kitty cat is also a great time!

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