Saturday, June 14, 2008

The baby Robins

I have been peeking more and more lately to see what the babies are up to. They are growing so fast!! I got a good picture of one of them waiting for food, heehee :)
Sorry it's a little hard to see, the picture was taken though our glass doors going out to the deck. I peek at them through the curtain just to make sure they are doing OK.

Well, and while I was doing that, my kitty 'discovered' them. I think she hasn't noticed them until now. And where can I find her allllll the time now? Also peeking behind the curtain, meowing at them (and me to let her out, NO way !).

Haha, check her out there, watching and watching. She is there alot lately but I won't let her out there - just in case. The babies are growing so fast, I saw they had nice feathers on them now. They will be flying the nest soon! Mama and papa are still around alot and chirp at me everytime I walk outside - it's the only way out to the deck so I have to get out there to water the tomatoes everyday. But I try to be quick so they can keep nurturing and feeding those babies.

Thought I'd share those pictures today :)

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