Sunday, June 29, 2008

How lucky am I??

I am so excited!! My friend Marnie of made me the kewlest diaper bag... with 'bling' heehee! She used to make purses and I bought one, fell in love and commissioned her to make me a diaper bag for the baby. I found the perfect fabric and sent it to her. Well it came in the mail the other day and check it out!

Isn't it gorgeous! And she told me when I'm done with it as a diaper bag, I can convert it to a purse :) There's so many features, little things I can use in there, I just love it. AND of course, she sent me a bunch of goodies, only some are showing in the picture. THANK you Marnie, love you!!!

Then as if I'm not already lucky and been treated so well by all my prim friends, I also got another handmade diaper bag that I want to show off too. My friend Sue of sent me a box with a handmade diaper bag that our friend Bette made. Bette does all sorts of neat things with patterns and purses too, This sweet diaper bag matches the rug I have in the nursery and I love the pink ruffle on the top. She also made a portable changing pad I can take along too.

And Sue filled this bag up with all sorts of good stuff that we will need for the baby :) LOVE YOU too my pal, thank you! XOXOXO!

So I have to laugh because my hubby also got a diaper bag. Teehee, being who my hubby is and what he does for a living, he got one from his friends at BlackHawk, He just rolled his eyes while I strutted around the house with both of my handmade frilly bags on my shoulders the other day. Then this one came in the mail shortly after. Hahahaha!
That's OK, I loaded it up with some stuff the other day - nothing like a manly bag filled with wipes, binkies, winnie the pooh toys and diapers, huh!

Well we are busy getting ready for our big day - it's coming so quickly!! I will be back to share a picture and name, etc. after she is born. I feel ready physically - the last few weeks have been a killer with being uncomfortable, swelling, not sleeping well. I'm done with being pregnant. Haha, most women tell me they reach that point along the way. Here's the last picture I'm allowing of me - it's from last Thursday, week #39. Hubby and I had a date night so I had a dress on - it's so comfy, definitely coming with me to the hospital.

There she is, the watermelon in my belly!
Thank you for all of your well-wishes and support - can't wait to share our joy with you all!


TeresaM said...

Oh my gosh Cindy! You look so good.........well wishes on your delivery!

Deena Davis said...

You look so cute Cindy!! I hope she arrives soon. Can't wait to see the little sweetie. Rest up while you can sweetie. xoxo


Susan said...

Your looking good..all the best with your new addition. Rest up now while you can..

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