Sunday, June 22, 2008

Empty Nest

Well I guess it was time for them to spread their wings and fly! I was so privledged to see one of them actually take its first flight, it was so cool to watch.

The first time I peeked outside I saw just 2 left in the nest and thought, Ut oh, what happened? Well then I looked over on the deck railing and sure enough, one of the 'escapees' was sitting up there, looking so proud checking out the huge world around him. The mom or dad landed on the railing next to him and the baby just opened up his mouth for food :) I guess a mother's job is never done is it? It was so cute!

So I kept checking the progress every half hour or so, I noticed that there was just one little birdy left in the nest. I watched as he stood up, flapped his wings and stood at the very edge of this light. It looked like he was thinking "Ok I can do this, I can do this" haha! Well sure enough he did!

Off he glided, he landed on the deck below and started running all around, checking things out. My cat was going nuts, howling at the door - but we just stayed inside and watched for a long time.

Yesterday my hubby was out mowing the lawn and said he saw all three of them down in the yard, moving around when he'd get within a few hundred feet. I was so glad because I know they can't fly real well yet and there are lots of stray cats out there and fox too! But thankfully they are doing well.

I really enjoyed watching these robins! I don't know that I'd want them so close to the house again next year, maybe outside my craft room windown in the holly tree.

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