Friday, June 13, 2008

Lessons on motherhood from the robins

Quite a few weeks ago, a mama robin built a nest up on top of our light on the deck. It's right outside the door and next to the grill, so my hubby took it and moved it down to a tree in the yard - hoping they'd get the hint (it was empty). Not so much! That nest was back within a day; again he moved it. This time, there was alotta bird poopy on his car (I told him that was karma paying him back - the birds found 'his' car in the driveway and let loose). Well, he left for a little trip and I didn't pay attention - yep, the nest came back! This time, there were eggs in it so we didn't dare touch it.

Here it is, not a very safe spot - it makes me nervous that it'll fall off.

Well about 2 weeks ago, the eggs hatched!! All 3 little eggs hatched and now we have babies in the nest. And the first time I saw their little heads peeping over the side, I cried my heart out! I feel like we have a bond, the robins and I; I'm only 3 weeks away from my own little chickie coming into this world.

I've been watching the robins to see how they take care of their babies. It's very interesting! I've seen both the mama and the papa robin birds; I've gone outside to hang things up on the clothesline on the deck. One of them always sits on the railing and chirps at me.

I do my best to hurry my work and get back inside so as to not make them nervous. I have also been talking alot to them - don't worry, I just have to do this quick and I'll leave you alone. Haha! I watch the mama and papa bring food in to the nest - worms, bugs, all the good things those birdies need to grow strong. I love watching the babies waiting with their mouths wide open, waiting for food. How they depend on their mama and papa so very much to take care of them and bring them food.

Every morning, mama and I have a little routine - she sits on top of our tent frame and watches me through the kitchen window. Here she is chirping, I think she's telling papa HURRY they are hungry, get some more grub!

We watch each other every morning for a good few minutes while I get my coffee made, feed my kitty, and make breakfast. Speaking of my kitty - she's not real understanding about why I won't let her out on the deck with me. Usually we go out together and she sniffs all the corners; and if I feel good I will brush her too. Well yesterday she ran right between my legs to get outside. Luckily, she didn't even notice mama and papa robin chirping at us from the rooftop and deck railing. I hurried to water the tomatoe plants and got her back in the house.

I've loved watching this process of how the babies are taken care of. Even in the wild, how instincts kick in and babies are nurtured and grow until they are old enough to take care of themselves. As a mommy-to-be very soon, it's reassuring to me that my instincts will be called upon when my little one is finally here.

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