Sunday, June 22, 2008

This mama bird has a little update

Well I was at the dr's on Friday and had a complete scare with my blood pressure being too high. They were talking pre-eclampsia and other stuff; I was sent across the street to the hospital for monitoring; everything is fine but what a scare!!!

The baby is still breech - my doc's don't think she will turn at this point, so I am scheduled for a cesarean. We have the date picked but I'm going to wait before posting it, I am feeling superstitious :) We did pick a special day though!

Alot of people have asked me how I feel about having a cesarean - I really don't care how she is born, as long as we are both safe. I don't want to try to deliver a breech baby, there are so many scary complications that could arise. So I feel this route is safer, a little longer recovery time for me but that should be okay. That was my main concern for a long time - if I would recover in a reasonable time. But I've been hearing good stories from people on that (besides the horror ones some feel obliged to share).

I've talked to my sister and my friend Megan - they're going to be able to help me alot at Lititz even if I'm still not 100% so if all goes well, I will still be there! I'm glad because I've been working since Jan. on inventory. It's my favorite show! Now... all you Lititz craft show attendees, do me a favor and talk to Mother Nature about the weather. We need another year of beautiful weather!

Oh and I finally got my spot number for the show, it's the same as the last 2 years - Main Street by Sturgis lane. I've got 2 spots - me and Megan will be there side by side.

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~Christie~ said...

Hi Cindy! Congrats! I was checking things out and seen that you are expecting. I am so very thrilled for you!! Miss ya!!!!

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