Sunday, December 27, 2009

After Christmas Sales anyone?

Well, we are still fighting colds/ear infection/sinus infection around here but I did go out yesterday afternoon for a little post-Christmas sales shopping. Where'd I go?

JOANN's :) haha! That's the only place I felt like digging around in.

I was so suprised, there was hardly anything left!! The sales girls told me that they've had things on clearance already for so long that they were pretty much cleaned out by the 24th. That's OK. I did grab a few things on sale.

And fabric!!! Wanna see what I got?

These are from a newer line they are carrying called Heidi Kline. I like the fun/funky colors and designs. So I want to play - i have a pattern idea too!

Anyone hit those great after-Christmas sales at other craft stores? Any good finds? Share!!!

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ButtonBears&Raggedies said...

Hi Cindy. I sorry Gabrielle have been poorly I hope she is feeling a lot better now? You look well & truely snowed in their we dont get these amounts in England They cant cope on the roads with 2" here lol).
Well keep warm and Safe.

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