Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My little helper!

As a stay at home mom, I am finding I have to either wait until nap time to create or ... just try to do a few things here and there while my toddler is 'helping' me. I decided to do a little of both, somedays it is more challenging than others :)

We live in a ranch, so I can close all the doors and Gabrielle will play right in the hallway or the spare room where we have this fun toy:

Remember my contest a while ago on the vintage Strawberry Shortcake house and dolls/pets? well this is alot of fun for her little hands. Many days, we will play in there for a good hour - giving the dollies baths, letting them sit on the potty, doing night-night, etc.

The other day, I was in my sewing room which is gated. And this way, I can hear what she is doing and she is only a few steps (over the gate) away. Well I kept hearing alot of giggling and 'talking' to Daise (Daisey, the cat who was laying on the bed, watching everything). Suddenly, I saw this sight:She loaded up her little dolly stroller with lots of furniture and dolls from the house and pushed the stroller down the hall. Hmmm, OK. A few seconds later, she came back and I look up to see her coming straight to the gate where she threw about everything in that stroller over the gate into my sewing room.

This game continued for quite a while, until I'd say most of what was in the house was now on the floor in my sewing room.

In the meantime... I ironed 4 big pieces of tea stained muslin, traced 6 dolls, and organized my worktable and desk.

I'd call that progress!!!! :)

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