Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy birthday to ....

My stepmom Carol, today is her birthday! This picture was taken when we went to visit last week. She will probably not like the picture that much or that I put it on my blog but I think it's such a cute and fun picture!! AND the reason I wanted to share this with you is to talk about creativity and inspiration.

I've been thinking on this topic alot lately. If you are a crafter who creates for a hobby or to sell, you've probably experienced the 'dry spell' at some point right? I know I have!! Lately, more than ever with having to chase around a toddler all day. (who me??????)

I have come to know that for my own 'dry spell' time, it always passes and inspiration will strike again. It's the waiting it out time that makes me crazy! :)

So what to do when you are stuck waiting it out or trying to strike the creative embers again? When we go visit my parents, my stepmom and I will always end up in her craft/sewing room (and ditto when they come see us!). Sometimes with a project in mind to work on together, sometimes just to look at books, think of ideas, play with fabric or show each other some neat things we have picked up or found along the way.

I love when we put our heads together, I always come home with lots of new ideas and projects I want to tackle (you should see the pile of things here!). It gives me a little 'break' from staring at the 4 walls of my sewing room. And when I am stuck, that can be such a relief to get away for a few days and look at new things. That always seems to help me!

I also really love that we share our creativity. It helps to have someone else to share ideas with and someone who thinks differently than I do. We have been having so much fun lately with crafting that we decided to do a craft show together next year, the Letchworth State Park show in NY (it's only a few minutes from their house). I am really excited about that!

I'm going to keep blogging on the topic of inspiration/creativity. I hope to get some of your thoughts on it too!

In the meantime, it's time to 'rest' a bit :)

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AwtemNymf said...

Happy Birthday to your stepMom :)
You can always get a season ahead and start on Valentine's Day & Easter/Spring Annies! Sure beat the Winter Blues!
Have a great "break"
Hugs & Happy Holidays!

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