Monday, December 7, 2009

Our first snow!

We had our first snow storm this weekend and it was so beautiful. Don't you think it just 'sets the mood' for Christmas? That picture above was the view from our driveway as the morning sun was coming up.
This is the view from our deck:
I love how quiet and calm the morning was; just so tranquil. And I got in the mood for wrapping presents, finishing decorating and just signing Christmas songs!!!
Of course I had to take my little one outside to play in it; this was the afternoon it started, out on our deck. All she did was sit down right in the snow. Haha!

I hope you all are enjoying your tranquility and peacefulness. Take a moment to breathe it all in!!! In the midst of holiday 'stuff' we can easily forget to relax and enjoy.

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