Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crafting a bit for fun

We are going to the Mom's Club holiday party this afternoon, I can't wait! We meet up in a church and it's all kinds of mahem with kids running around and mom's chatting, lots of food, holiday music, games, and crafts. Sounds crazy doesn't it? It kind of is, but in a real nice and comforting sort of way for me. It's a total different pace from our normal routine of just the 2 of us at home too.

So I did a little crafting for fun for the mom's - I will show pic's later!

While I am in charge of crafts for the kids, I am also kind of a cheater! I haven't made a kid's craft since I was about 12 (for myself!). One day I thought I'd start researching kid's crafts to come up with some fabulous ideas. HA! Two hours later, I was lost on clicking, clicking and clicking away - everything looked fun and easy but I forgot where I started.

So I ordered kits from Oriental Trading; the kids seem to like them (all those little shapes are pre-cut! nice!) and moms can take them home if we run out of time.

Seems funny but I have to admit it. Oh well! I did bake chocolate chip cookies. June Cleaver, I am not that is for sure :)

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